Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Year New Beginning New Experience

It is still the same reason that I've not update my blog as frequent as I did during my uni times - my blog template. Find it dull and moody for people to read. Waiting for people to rescue as I find Im not good with all the html templates anymore. Sighs. Age is catching up and dont seems like picking things up fast. T.T

To those who are in my fb or twitter friends list must have known that I've finally made the decisions after several times - left my first job and I've started a new job on the very last day of January. Of course, people gave different advises to me when I asked for opinion whether to stay or move on. I'm glad to have such advises. =)

FYI, I've move on to a new job which I've to start all from scratch. Both old and new employer did asked me the same question - why do you want to start from scratch? how confident are u that one day you will not regret with the decision you have made today ? It is common for new employer to ask (as I interviewed people too.. just to check if he or she is interested with the new field that is about join)? As for my old employer, it is because I was offered with a higher position - an AM. 

To be frank, this is what I strive for ever since I started my working life- climb up the corporate ladder. Having such an offer was really an temptation as I do personally think that it is an achievement to me at my age. There are also people who is a manager at their 20s but most of them will be sales manager. The difference here is that I was offered with an Operation AM. However, I've rejected. Reason? My boss told me that do not work for the title which i quite agree with it. So, that's why I got into my new job. 

I do not know if this is a wise choice but there was once a person told me that " there is no good or bad decision" and I've also came across the line where "Every choice you make isn't going to always be the right one. But you have to live & learn". Hope I can cope it well and have some achievement in this new job of mine. 

Wish me luck guys ! That's all for now. Time to wash my baby =)

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hamano asuka said...

agreed on the fact that there is no good or bad decision. it is there for a reason. and personally i do not believe in 'regret'..

btw i cant help with the html too..i screwed up mine too..